Top-Secret Visit

Members of the club helped out with fund-raising for the British Red Cross by organising a ‘Stroke Awareness Day’ in May 2009

Members and partners enjoyed a fascinating day out at Bletchley Park, the wartime top-secret code-breaking centre.


The old country house and its surrounding huts were for four years the nerve centre of the Allied effort to intercept and break the German Enigma code and its even more sophisticated successors.


It was where the brilliant mathematician Alan Turing and his colleagues developed what was in effect the world's first computer in their effort to find ever-faster ways of crunching the numbers to crack the apparently random method of enciphering.


Bletchley Park is now a museum, but all its buildings and many of its contents have been left almost as they were, enabling us to appreciate what it must have been like for so many people to work in such cramped and spartan surroundings.


Our group is pictured outside the main entrance of the house.